Buchi pressure reactors for syntheses and polymerizations

Collaborative research center PolyTarget

Reactors: polyclave, inertclave, picoclave
Applications: Synthesis / polymerization 

In the collaborative research center PolyTarget, at Friedrich Schiller University Jena, polymer-based nanoparticulate carrier materials are being developed for the targeted application of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in the human body.

The focus is on systems that are suitable for the therapy of diseases and syndromes whose morbidity is significantly characterized by an inflammatory response - currently also for combating the omnipresent Covid-19 virus.

PolyTarget uses a variety of Buchi pressure reactors for a wide range of syntheses and polymerizations, including Buchi autoclave types polyclave, picoclave, inertclave, bep 280.

Synthesis / polymerization of

  • Pharmaceutical polymers
  • Pharmaceutical nanoparticles
  • Stealth polymers 

For more information watch this video