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Tantalum pressure reactors - Buchi sets new standards

We are pleased to present a laboratory pressure reactor versoclave® made of the special material tantalum. The metal tantalum has outstanding…

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New product line – Buchi filter reactors: FR 10, FR 30 & FR 50

We have a new Buchi FR filter reactor product line for pilot plants and kilo labs. This product line combines reactor and nutsche filter in one…

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kiloclave® - new product video

Today we are presenting our tried and tested kiloclave® pressure reactor. The kiloclave® is used in hundreds of laboratories and pilot plants…

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miniclave inert - metal-free small reactor without stirrer

Are you familiar with our metal-free pressure reactor, the miniclave inert?

This pressure reactor is versatile and can be operated with various…

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MINTworld - Büchi AG and SYSTAG - A synergy for knowledge transfer

MINTworld in Visp is an innovation center that focuses on the development and production of active ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry.…

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New dates for glass installation training 2024

Would you like to be able to maintain and service your Buchi glass plant independently? Then sign up now for our two-day glass installation training.

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Electric heating solution for the miniclave

With our newly developed heating jacket, you can easily heat the miniclave - a small pressure reactor. To do this, place the miniclave in the heating…

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Leading CRDMO Company uses Buchiglas reactor systems

Leading CRDMO Company PharmaBlock uses Buchiglas reactor systems in their new facility expansion in USA. 

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Polypropylene waste becomes high value liquid alkanes

Our Buchi PPR Parallel Pressure Reactor has been used in research for upcycling of polyolefins - polypropylene waste becomes high value liquid…

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HC filter - Filtration with contained discharge

Buchi high containment nutsche filters allow for controlled filtration with a contained discharge by wiping out with the fixed glove (made of EPDM)…

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